Commissioner Abramovic joins Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotic Scholars Program on December 1 as a special advisor.  

Chip noted, “One thing I strongly believe in is continuing education. Whether that is higher education or the trades, we need to work together to create opportunities to help strengthen and grow the future of Pennsylvania’s workforce.” In his role as a special advisor, Chip aims to bridge gaps between education and critical workforce needs and return Pennsylvania’s students to take on more leadership roles in the innovation economy.  

Rachel Burcin and Prof. John M. Dolan are excited to welcome Chip to the team. Rachel noted that “Chip’s experience working across sectors with policymakers in economic development, education, and industry makes him a tremendous asset to the team.”

Chip stated, “I am honored to help one of the nation’s top universities and experts in robotics and artificial intelligence create an innovative STEM workforce model for the nation.”