Education Strategist with a special focus on Robotics & AI

My work focuses on growing and diversifying the robotics workforce. Through inclusive education design, assessment, and policy advocacy, I create symbiotic partnerships and funded educational initiatives that expand organizational impact and ultimately broaden participation in robotics. I am interested in building upon these significant successes and body of knowledge to investigate scale and sustainability for systems-level change of the global robotics workforce. The educational programming and learning communities that I design are aligned with regional and national STEM economic development initiatives.

My experience, expertise, and network enable me to create creative sector-focused and place-based workforce solutions that address critical needs of research universities & STEM organizations. Outcomes of these initiatives uniquely complement research, education, and development priorities across the sector – I secure funding, expand sponsors, increase awareness of the sector & organization, connect new communities, and broaden the talent pool – all of which significantly strengthens the innovation ecosystem.